My Weekend and PANCAKE DAY!


This post is going to be a little different to my usual beauty obsessive posts, I thought I would try and get a bit more personal with you all, as I have now proudly reached 66 followers which is magical and such an amazing feeling knowing people want to read what you have to say. It’s also even more magic when you receive over 3 comments in one day. Ill just be sitting in a lecture when *ping* goes my email to find some lovely follower or newbie to my blog has commented on a post, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and brightens up my day, (awww)

So this weekend myself and my boyfriend celebrated his 20th birthday, woo! We went to see django on the Saturday which might I just non subtly add was absolutely fabulous, like literally no jokes the best film I’ve seen in a long time, and Jamie Foxx UHH need I say more? Anyway we had a cute stay in a hotel on the Saturday night, which was lovely and relaxing, and then went on to wagamamas for drinks and food. It was such a tranquil and slouchy weekend, just my boy and me, however I felt a slight pain from not blogging for 3 days (obsessed or what?) but obviously I’m making up for it this week.

And hoo-rah it’s Pancake Day today! Yes that one chance when scoffing 10 pancakes is considered a talent, and no one can judge you for drowning them in golden syrup, nutella and squirty cream (just me?) I made some fabulous girly pink pancakes with my housemate, which was great fun, we nearly managed to blow ourselves up though by microwaving a jar of nutella haha, but nethertheless it was such a feast, I just need to now think about what I will be giving up for lent… I was going to hop on the bandwagon of sweet treats or fizzy drinks but I just don’t think I’m strong willed enough, ah well I will have a ponder and let you know.

What will you be giving up for lent?


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