Happy Social Media day!


You may feel slightly confused by the title of this post, and that indeed was the purpose, this piece of writing is in fact centred around valentines day, a little late yes, however I will not be addressing in great detail the concept of valentines, which is to give and receive a dozen roses a soppy card and more chocolate than you’d care to eat, I will be discussing what this phenomenon does to us via the world of social media.

As someone from the outside looking in, it isn’t necessarily the actual event of valentines that has my head in a spin; it’s the opinions, response and often harassment of others against that one day which comes around once every 365 days. Come Valentines Day the world goes social media mad, whether one is for or against the tradition, those views are written and put online for millions of people to then see and respond either positively or more usually, negatively.

Take twitter for example, one of the current top media platforms for any person, organization or celebrity, once the 14th of feb comes around, my feed is suddenly plagued with relentless hopefuls either whining about how they are single and that it is a con, or those loved up, tweeting pictures of their presents whilst cuddled up to there partner. Either way I find that over the past two years I have recently started to associate valentines day with social media, before twitter and face book was born people got on with it and the whole idea of it seemed a lot more personal, but now its like a huge tidal wave that instantly hits the internet, and no longer can we just enjoy it, it has to be shared with others and sometimes ruined by others.

Its like I now expect to be grieved by these people who think that writing a sarcastic bitter tweet will gain them twitter points, when really they just become bombarded with abuse because essentially they are making themselves seem like an internet troll for pushing the send button. I myself had a lovely valentines day as I am in a relationship, however I do not feel the need to throw around my personal experiences and prefer to keep twitter as a work and blogging platform. I am somewhat glad the day is over, so now I can read my feed without feeling hassled from these over opinionated individuals.


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