The Rise of the Beauty Bloggers


Online blogging has become a favourite pastime for many young people today, when once we put pen to paper, and wrote our thoughts in a personal diary, we are now able to share our opinions, interests and even intimate stories with the world. Blogging has shaped the way the Internet is used, people can reach out to others, make a name for themselves and put their words to good use. It is easy for anybody to become an online sensation if they really want it. With over 100 million blogs worldwide, there must be something special about this popular hobby.

One particular type of blogging which is has soared over the past decade is the glitzy community of the Beauty bloggers, whether it be written or via YouTube, it is something that has inspired thousands girls, to take what they love to do most, and share this with others. Funnily enough, it seems to be working, Every day, young girls are logging in to You Tube, watching these videos, reading these blogs, and taking note, Even Product Company’s are reaching out to these bloggers, asking them to review a product, and some even offering money.

One woman in particular whom has had huge successful with her YouTube videos, and is queen of the beauty bloggers, is 23 year old, Elle Fowler, also known as ‘AllthatGlitters’, she made a name for herself via makeup, skincare, fashion and general chit-chat. From uploading her first video in 2008, She now holds an online empire, with over 747,269 subscribers and a whopping 118,564,330 channel views, she is an online sensation.

Beauty blogger, Laura, from Leeds, has been a dedicated fashion and beauty writer since 2008, while she was studying Journalism at university. I’d always been interested in fashion and beauty journalism but obviously only the more serious subjects get covered as part of your degree, the blog was a great outlet for my musings on fashion, beauty and style.” Laura’s blog helped her gain experience within the fashion and beauty industry, and also got her into various events  “my blog has opened doors in other areas – I was able to attend London Fashion Week in February which was an amazing experience.”

24-year-old Beauty Blogger Lucy, who works in advertising, from Leeds, started her blog in 2009, and states that it ‘changed her life’; it’s more than just a hobby now as it forms a second income.I wouldn’t say I was ready to go professional just yet, but I make time every single day to work through my emails and try to blog every other day.”

Lucy uses her blog to write about current products on the market either drugstore or higher end, she receives comments and emails every day as her blog’s popularity increases. She encourages other girls who are into beauty to join this booming hobbie, I’d definitely advise people to blog, it’s a fantastic community and a creative outlet if you’re that way inclined. Its does take a long time to become well known in the blogging industry and for the most part it isn’t until you’ve got a very popular blog that it can affect careers. That said, I’m all for putting my blog on my CV! It shows dedication, commitment and creativity.”

The rise of beauty blogging may be in reaction to the recession, in which we are more careful with out money and take far more into consideration before purchasing certain products. With thousands of blogs and more surfacing, there is now a whole community of people building and growing, that has never been available on such a platform before with a great following.

Check out Lucy and Laura’s Blogs here!


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