Lush 9 to 5 cleansing Lotion


Lush 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion– £4.75

‘Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen? Then this quick cleanser is the thing for you! A simple yet beautiful liquid facial cleanser for those times when you’re in a hurry and need to just cleanse and go. We make this by steeping fresh dove orchids in almond oil overnight – then strain the petals out and use the infused oil as the base for this cleanser. 

Contains a lovely light fragrance of honeysuckle and ylang ylang. 9 to 5 will gently remove all traces of dirt, grease and make up without dragging the skin. You will be left feeling fresh, clean and ready to start the day. Although you might also want to pour yourself a cup of ambition.‘- Lush

I have never really been one for buying lush products, don’t get me wrong, I love a little browse in the store, taking in the sweet soapy smell, feasting my eyes on the bright colours and amazing looking bath bombs, however I’ve never really felt the urge to buy their products. I’ve just started to run out of my Liz Earle cleanser and toner, and even though i love them dearly and anticipated re purchasing them, I couldn’t help but feel like I should try something new- especially being a blogger, I wanted to try something new to write about. I was considering testing out some of the body shops face care lotions and potions, as they seemed to look alright, and were under the £10 mark (I wanted to go for something a little cheaper than the Liz Earle set) but then I realized that i’d been there and done that, so then it hit me that the place I hadn’t yet dabbled within was of course- lush! 

 So I took a trip to my local lush branch, and had a little gander, however one things for certain in the lush shops, and that is that I never have a clue what I’m looking at, what the items do and what my skin should be using. However much I love the ethos of the place, its all a bit ‘in your face’ and finding the right skincare products can seem a little daunting, to my rescue was a lovely and helpful sales assistant who talked me through their most popular cleansers and toners, and she recommended 9 to 5 Cleanser, which is a lotion based product, and is a simple yet highly effective cleanser.

 The idea of this product is that its quick and simple, and great for woman on the go or have little time to get ready, now Im never usually in a rush in the mornings, but I thought id give this ago for sheer curiosity. Now I’ve only been using this product a couple of days but I have already fallen in love with it, the instructions read that you take a small amount and rub it in to the skin, and then wipe off with a cotton pad or flannel of some kind, this cleanser also takes off makeup, really easily might I add, it reminds me a lot like the Liz Earle cleanse and polish concept. The cream has a very pungent organic smell which is lovely, you instantly get a feeling that there are no harsh chemicals within the product, and that all the ingredients are natural.

 The consistency is quite thin, and it can be a bit of a messy job to put onto the face, but nothing major, after I smooth it in to the skin, I already feel rejuvenated, like my skin is having a big glass of water as it feels so moisturising and creamy, it also melts your makeup off instantly. I use this product morning and night and wipe it off with a cotton pad, I tend to use this product twice of an evening to ensure my makeup is fully off. After using this cleanser you are left with very clean, soft and subtle skin, which is so nice to touch and feel. This cleanser also leaves your skin smelling so organic and florally which is lovely, I then complete my skincare step with a spray of my toner from lush (review to follow) and I feel so fresh, like I’ve just had a full organic facial, one things for sure, after using this highly organic and ‘kind to skin’ product, I shan’t be going back to drugstore cleansers and toners.


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