Topshop cream blush in ‘head over heels’







Topshops Cream Blush in ‘Head over Heels’

After trying, testing and feeling slightly let down by the pigmentation of Revlon’s cream blush, I decided to venture out a bit further and try a cream blush from top shops makeup collection. Now top shop is known for its highly pigmented makeup, and I know that many other beauty writers will have already raved about this product, however I feel that it needs maybe one more review to big it up.

I bought this blush in the colour ‘head over heels’ which is a very pink toned blush with a hint of coral, it comes across quite bright in the packaging however on the cheek it gives of more of a flushed healthy finish rather than a nasty streak of red. This product is very pigmented, which is a pro as you only need to dab a little on the apple and then sweep up the cheek bone, it will also last you a long time if you do this.

One downside I’ve noticed form cream blushes however, is they seem to go very dirty, as you may see from the picture above the cream collects a sort of ‘dust/dirt’ if you like. I find that cream blushes work best when you apply with just your fingers, however this seems to attract dirt into the product, so if anyone knows of another way to apply (I tried a brush but that just doesn’t work) please let me know. Overall a fab product, I will probably pick up another shade in the near future, as they also had a lovely peach colour, which would be fab for spring/summer.


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