FAQ- The Maine Hermit

Who is the Maine hermit?

The Maine hermit is a 47-year-old man, named Christopher knight who has been living in a wood in the northeastern state of Maine for the past 27 years. Christopher has not spoken to a single person since the 90’s and has lived his life in isolation for the most part of his life. He rarely left his camp, and when he did it was only ever to keep himself alive by stealing food.

How did he survive?

Christopher survived by stealing food and other supplies from local campsites and villages. He had created himself a cosy yet slightly desolate looking campsite, complete with a stove, bed and shelter. He was also thought to have stolen his clothes from locals. When the authorities asked him what he did to keep himself sane, he answered ‘reading, meditating and watching eagles.’

Who discovered him?

The local Authorities discovered his campsite on April the 9th; they described him as ‘clean shaven’ and wearing 80’s aviator style glasses. Christopher was later caught that day and has been arrested for stealing local frozen goods. Investigations are underway about his criminal history; he is thought to be responsible for over 1,000 burglaries, which a local game warden has discovered. The authorities apparently found it hard to locate his campsite as it was camouflaged so well amongst the trees and woodland growth.

What is his background?

Christopher vanished from his childhood home on pond road, for no apparent reason in 1984, when he was aged 19, and set up camp in the Maine woods. According to old school friends Christopher was an outcast at school, branded as the ‘quiet, bland, nerd’ he was never an active member of his high school years. His classmates never noticed his disappearance from school, and it was simply a case of ‘losing contact’.

Does he have a family?

Christopher’s relatives, including his mother Joyce, strangely still live on pond road, where he grew up, Its not yet been determined why his family did not question his disappearance. Since the story broke out, many old neighbours and peers of Christopher have been questioned, however none have said to know him or his background at all well.

What are the locals views on him?

For years the locals have been investigating a number of break in’s and stolen food, many have evidence of seeing Christopher at night walking through the woods and around the local area, but did not question it. After stealing food and various supplies from his fellow neighbours, his arrest has been one, which local wardens and victims will be celebrating. Some locals knew about the ‘north pond hermit’ but never questioned his motives, actions or whereabouts, they just simply knew he was there. Jodie Mosher-Towie, newsletter writer and board member of the North Pond association, has been talking with neighbours about the “north pond hermit” for the past 20 years, “It’s just weird how it’s always been that way — we’ve just always known about the hermit.”

What lies for him in the future?

Christopher knight has been arrested by the Maine state police for various thefts and bulgarie’s, it is unclear what will happen in the near future, obviously he will have to undergo a trial and it will be interesting to see if any more neighbours or old friends of Christopher come out with more information on him. Christopher will obviously find it difficult to get back into civilization and sparking up a conversation will become a true horror for him.


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