Week 8: Pitching your idea

Dear Jane

I’m a lifestyle journalist and writer with an array of articles published within various different publications, I have an idea for a feature story, which I think you may be interested in. With woman in todays society becoming more successful than ever within their careers, home-life and social life, I wanted to perhaps focus in on this and investigate into whether this has become a threat to men. I realise this may have been touched on before, but to put a little spin on things, I would incorporate interviews with middle class, career driven males in their late 20’s early 30’s to give their opinion on whether a woman’s success as a threat to them.

I think having real life opinions and quotes from various different career driven male and females, will bring some diversity and bite to the article and shed light on whether woman’s roles in society are becoming more prominent than ever.

If you’re interested, given that I can get the interviews, I can turn this around by 7th April.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Clarke