Vox Pops – Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre

With the new Trinity shopping centre having opened in Leeds earlier this year, I thought it only right to find out what the people of Leeds have to say about this new addition to their city. I have put together a short video montage, so people who haven’t yet visited or whom may just be interested, can get a taste of what this innovative shopping centre has already brought to the flourishing city of Leeds.

Click here for Trinity’s Shop Directory.

Check out this post on Trinity which  features my video


BEAUTY REVIEW: Origins drink up intensive overnight mask


This mask has literally been a god send for me over the past few weeks, I picked it up on a whim, I’d already heard so much buzz around this product from bloggers and brands, and so I thought id finally hit up the origins stall. At £20.00 I really don’t think its that pricey, especially as it’s such a great product to bring back some life and moisture to your skin.

The concept of the mask is to quench the skins thirst, so it’s basically like giving your skin a big glass of water in the evening, in cream form. This product is a mask, however I wouldn’t say it resembles a mask consistency, as it doesn’t dry, it’s just like slathering a really creamy moisturiser on your skin. It absorbs instantly and leaves your skin super soft the next day, I use this after I cleanse and tone, you only really need a small amount as it is really thick and so less is more, especially if you want it to last.
The mask smells divine and so healthy, including ingredients such as avocado oil, mango butters and apricot kernel oil, it’s the perfect little product to help create a beautiful glow on the skin. Personally I wouldn’t say this mask caters to specific skin types, it doesn’t primarily tackle acne, spots, redness or oiliness, its just a hard hitting moisture mask, for girls with dry skin, or girls who just want a brightening face lift in a bottle. This product is probably one of my favourites of 2013 so far, it’s just been that one product, which has made a visible and significant difference to my skin, it has also created such a great complexion and base when applying foundation and highlighter.

The Lifestyle Post: I’ve had the chop, OOTD & Pimms


So yesterday I decided to take the plunge and go for the ‘mid length’ hair-do which I’ve seen modelled everywhere ATM, for a while I’ve been debating to get it cut quite a bit shorter, as to be honest my ends were beginning to become too unruly for my own good, I just get so stressed out when Its past the styling point. So quite spontaneously, I opted for a walk in salon, which is great as I hate booking things incase I forget or just change my mind. The actual cut only took about 10 minutes after my hair had been washed, I also opted for no layers, which has made a drastic but in my opinion a nicer finish, as the style is much blunter and thicker now, and let me tell you, it feels SO nice to be able to run my fingers straight through my hair!
I ventured to the city today in a bid to do some uni work, but obviously it ended in a jug of pimms and some over due sunshine. I wore my new Green H&M jumper (£12.99) which I LOVE and my £5.00 trousers with just a floaty black top underneath, I love the colour and pattern clash in this outfit and just thought I’d make a bit of an effort seeing as the sun was out. My housemates and myself then took to wetherspoons for a lovely jug of refreshing pimms, my favourite summer beverage, overall a Pleasant and summery couple of days.

Face of the evening: smokey eye and a nude lip

P1000958P1000961 IMG_2623

So the other night myself and my housemates put down our Uni books, closed our laptops and decided to hit the town for a booze-fuelled night. I went out of my comfort zone and opted for a new, slightly interesting hair-do, looking back, it probably wasn’t the brightest idea as my forehead looks the size of Russia, but you live and you learn, and in this case I definitely learnt. Anyway, below I have listed the products I used with their previous blog posts on my other blog, so you can get a more in depth review on them. As you can see I went for my signature Smokey eye using my trusty MUA eye palette, with a dewy base courtesy of healthy mix and a subtle nude lip. I find this to be a look I go for most often as its simple and effortless yet sultry with the deep Smokey eye, I usually go for a heavier eye but this night I decided to just do the lower lid and focus more on the highlight and base.

           products used( from left to right)

1. bourjois healthy mix- (to be reviewed)

2. Rimmel lipstick in ‘nude delight

3.Topshop ‘glow’

4. sleek contour kit

5.maybelline rocket mascara

6. eco tools brush

7.topshop blush and bronzer

8. MUA smokey palette

Face of the day: Natural eye with a pink lip

P1000981 P1000954 P1000953


So last Thursday myself and my housemates went out for a very long over due nandos, as well as a few cocktails in the evening, so I took the opportunity to let you guys in on what I used on my face. So for foundation I used my new and probably all time favourite foundation, healthy mix… don’t really need to say much about this as its already been hyped about everywhere, however I believe I bought the newly formulated product, so what ever that has in it, is working a treat for my skin!  For highlight I used my beloved topshop glow cream highlight, this is great for that ultra dewy finish. For blusher I used my top shop cream blush in ‘head over heels’ which is a lovely peachy pink colour, and gives my cheeks a lovely healthy, flushed glow. I used my collection 2000 liquid eyeliner which is cheap and cheerful and does the job very well in deed- it’s also lasted me ages! For brows, I subtly used a light beige shade from my MUA brow palette again a great product for the cheap price tag. Mascara was my Clinique mascara, this was a tester from a complimentary pack, it is a good mascara, but compared to Maybelline’s rocket lash it just doesn’t cut the mustard, and last but most definitely not least, my lip tint from NYC, it leaves such great, bright pink colour all day long. So there you have it, my makeup for the evening!


More! is no more


Today, some devastating news broke out that weekly fashion and beauty magazine more! Has been suspended.  The bauer media announcement made its way on the website this morning, ‘The decision to suspend publication has regrettably been made with effect from this week’s issue, published on Tuesday, 23 April.’

For someone like myself, who has read more! for years, this news came as such a shock, throughout its 25 years, the magazine has touched, involved and given guidance to young woman, as well as brightening up our day. There has been a lot of grievance over the twittersphere, with many aspiring writers and readers sharing their views and memory’s of the magazine. Hollie-Anne Brooks, a writer and previous intern at the more! Office tweeted ‘Gutted to hear ‪@more magazine has come to an end. Thank you for every opportunity from the bottom of my heart.’

Along with the woeful news of the magazine releasing its final issue, the whole of the team, writers, editors, and graphic designers will lose their jobs, which is a tragedy. However, Former senior features writer, Abbie Pethullis tweeted ‘we are in the pub. Some things never change. Thanks xx’ which sheds a little hope and positivity for these talented writers.

‘The magazine has constantly evolved in order to remain relevant to its audience but continuing challenging economic conditions mean that the product is no longer viable’- bauer media. It’s a horrific time for print media and this suspension has just proven how precious the print industry is, and that in 3 years from now, everything could potentially be put online, which is a distressing thought for aspiring magazine Journalists.

FAQ- The Maine Hermit

Who is the Maine hermit?

The Maine hermit is a 47-year-old man, named Christopher knight who has been living in a wood in the northeastern state of Maine for the past 27 years. Christopher has not spoken to a single person since the 90’s and has lived his life in isolation for the most part of his life. He rarely left his camp, and when he did it was only ever to keep himself alive by stealing food.

How did he survive?

Christopher survived by stealing food and other supplies from local campsites and villages. He had created himself a cosy yet slightly desolate looking campsite, complete with a stove, bed and shelter. He was also thought to have stolen his clothes from locals. When the authorities asked him what he did to keep himself sane, he answered ‘reading, meditating and watching eagles.’

Who discovered him?

The local Authorities discovered his campsite on April the 9th; they described him as ‘clean shaven’ and wearing 80’s aviator style glasses. Christopher was later caught that day and has been arrested for stealing local frozen goods. Investigations are underway about his criminal history; he is thought to be responsible for over 1,000 burglaries, which a local game warden has discovered. The authorities apparently found it hard to locate his campsite as it was camouflaged so well amongst the trees and woodland growth.

What is his background?

Christopher vanished from his childhood home on pond road, for no apparent reason in 1984, when he was aged 19, and set up camp in the Maine woods. According to old school friends Christopher was an outcast at school, branded as the ‘quiet, bland, nerd’ he was never an active member of his high school years. His classmates never noticed his disappearance from school, and it was simply a case of ‘losing contact’.

Does he have a family?

Christopher’s relatives, including his mother Joyce, strangely still live on pond road, where he grew up, Its not yet been determined why his family did not question his disappearance. Since the story broke out, many old neighbours and peers of Christopher have been questioned, however none have said to know him or his background at all well.

What are the locals views on him?

For years the locals have been investigating a number of break in’s and stolen food, many have evidence of seeing Christopher at night walking through the woods and around the local area, but did not question it. After stealing food and various supplies from his fellow neighbours, his arrest has been one, which local wardens and victims will be celebrating. Some locals knew about the ‘north pond hermit’ but never questioned his motives, actions or whereabouts, they just simply knew he was there. Jodie Mosher-Towie, newsletter writer and board member of the North Pond association, has been talking with neighbours about the “north pond hermit” for the past 20 years, “It’s just weird how it’s always been that way — we’ve just always known about the hermit.”

What lies for him in the future?

Christopher knight has been arrested by the Maine state police for various thefts and bulgarie’s, it is unclear what will happen in the near future, obviously he will have to undergo a trial and it will be interesting to see if any more neighbours or old friends of Christopher come out with more information on him. Christopher will obviously find it difficult to get back into civilization and sparking up a conversation will become a true horror for him.